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Our Sports Development team deliver a wide range of services to provide opportunities for people throughout the Wigan Borough to engage in lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.


The Teams ability to deliver a high quality service and work effectively with partner organisations has resulted in a significant increase in staffing capacity over the past few years. We take immense pride in having a talented and dedicated team of Managers, Officers and Coaches who are committed to achieving the Vision and Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Wigan Sports Development is committed to providing a range of quality services that promote sport and physical activity opportunities, to enable people throughout the Borough to 'Get Active and Stay Active.



Children and Young Peoples Services

  • Schools
  • Community Safety
  • Primary Care Trust
  • Wigan Borough Sports Council
  • Greater Sport
  • Youth Offending Team


Cohesive partnership working and a shared commitment to increasing participation in physical activity is supporting us to make a positive difference to lives in Wigan.


  • Active Coaching in Schools
  • Sport in Your Community
  • Active Clubs
  • Get Active, Get Volunteering
  • Get Active, Get Coaching
  • Talent Athlete Support Services
  • Targeted Health Programmes
  • Get Active Holiday Activities


Get in touch

  • Call 01942 404982 or
  • Email We'll make sure to route your enquiry to the right member of the Sports Development team.