Biological diversity, or, biodiversity for short, is the name given to the variety of living things, the places where they live and how they work together.


Biodiversity has taken millions of years to establish and is still changing. It is essential to the Earth’s life support system, providing basic natural processes, which we take for granted, such as fossil fuels, fresh water, fertile soil, clean air, a stable climate and predictable weather conditions.


At the moment extinction is running at more than 1000 times its natural rate and unless drastic action is taken immediately many once common species will be lost.

Wigan has its own very distinctive ‘wildlife’ communities, which over time, have adapted to our local conditions and now form the basis of our 'local biodiversity'.


What are Biodiversity Action Plans?

Wigan’s Biodiversity Action Plans, or BAPs as they are more commonly known, present a positive and clear way forward to conserving our local wildlife. They provide targets and actions that work towards both species and habitat conservation.


There are national and regional BAPs, but it is at the local level that biodiversity and so sustainability, will or will not be achieved. These BAPs create a common agenda not just for conservationists but for anyone whose work or play has an impact on the environment. And of course, that means all of us.


The challenge is for everyone in the borough to consider how they can help conserve and enhance Wigan’s biodiversity.


You can view a selection of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs) on the left-hand side of this page in the Downloadable Files section.


Wigan’s Biodiversity Partnership

The aim of the Biodiversity Partnership is ‘To provide a focal point and information exchange for biodiversity action in the Borough’.

The Partnership welcomes representatives of all organisations with a direct interest in the development, enhancement and conservation of Wigan’s biodiversity.

Membership is open to any individual, organisation or company that supports the aim of the Partnership and can contribute to its achievement. New members are always made to feel welcome. The Partnership meets every three months at Wigan Town Hall.

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