Parks in Wigan and Leigh

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Pennington Flash at sunset

The restored Pavilion and Coalbrookdale Fountain in Mesnes Park

Enjoy The Proms in Mesnes Park

From picnics to proms, parks offer us the chance to unwind, enjoy special times with family and friends and get some fresh air in our lungs.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles manages a selection of parks and open spaces across Wigan and Leigh.

Each has its own special place in the borough, and not only do we keep the parks and flowerbeds looking good for your visit - we also host a variety of events to help you enjoy them at their best.


Open spaces managed by Inspiring healthy lifestyles include:

Wigan has some fantastic parks and green spaces which offer exciting outdoor experiences for everyone!

From spectacular displays of summer bedding to wild habitats that support local wildlife, our family friendly sites provide you with a great way to spend your day.

Volunteering in your parks

Would you like to make a difference in your local park? We'd love to talk with you about opportunities to get involved in keeping these beautiful green spaces wonderful places for generations to come.

To find out about volunteering in your parks - or about volunteering across the Wigan borough in general - email

Parks and dogs

We ask that owners control and take full responsibility for their animals. Including not allowing them to intimidate other park users, not to enter into areas where children play and collect and dispose properly of any dog mess.

Need more information?

For details of events in Wigan and Leigh's parks, email