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Your friends here at Inspiring healthy lifestyles do one thing, very well.

We help you live a happier, and healthier, life.

Everything's better when you move. And here in Wigan and Leigh getting active has never been easier, and more fun.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles is here for every body. On behalf of Wigan Council we manage six leisure centres - more than any other gym chain in the borough - to give you maximum choice at the minimum price.

We want you to get fit. To be happier, more confident, ready for every challenge and opportunity that comes our way.

To turn your treadmill miles into smiles

Gyms for every body

Everyone's welcome at our leisure centres. It doesn't matter whether you're a sofa superhero or a professional athlete - we've got something here to make every body happy.

Never worked out before? Take a dip in one of our four pools. New to swimming? We've got lessons for that.

Want to get back to sport? Get Back to Sport, our programme of fun and competitive activities from netball to football, badminton to basketball. Best of all, Back to Sport sessions at Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centres are included in your membership.

Fancy looking buff on the beach? We've got a range of premium services designed to get you fitter, faster. And whatever you do, don't forget to slap on the suncream. 

4 ways to fitness

In truth we've got 1000s of ways to help you hit your fitness goals. But we want the journey to be as exciting as crossing the line and celebrating your healthy achievements. At our leisure centres there are four ways to fitness:

  1. Do it yourself. If you're the motivated type you might prefer to plan your own fitness schedule. And that's perfectly fine. We've got amazing gyms, hundreds of exercise classes, and four swimming pools where you can work out to your heart's content.
  2. Get a helping hand. Become a member and we'll set you up with a fitness programme tailored to your needs. It's all part of the Inspiring healthy lifestyles experience. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we'll give you the tools to get there. If you just want to feel fitter, or fight some flab, that's all good. After your induction and with your program in hand, you'll know how to lose a few pounds and feel a million dollars.
  3. Get GRIT. We introduced small group personal training in 2015 with Les Mills GRIT - high intensity interval training (HIIT) which tests your endurance and spits you out leaner and fitter than ever before.
  4. Get personal. Personal training is the ultimate way to hit your fitness goals. Our incredible personal trainers will get to know you and your objectives and do everything they can to help you hit them. If you're short on motivation but want to change your life, personal training is the way to go. 

Get fitter faster

Want to get fit or look lean for a special occasion? Need an extra push to hit your fitness goals?

Inspiring healthy lifestyles can help.

Personal training

We hired some of the north west's best trainers to help you smash your fitness objectives. Inspiring healthy lifestyles offers personal training at all six of its leisure centres in Wigan and Leigh.


Heard of high intensity interval training (HIIT)? It's fast-paced, small group personal training where all the focus is on you and making you work harder to get results quicker.

Inspiring healthy lifestyles offers one of the best HIIT training programmes - Les Mills GRIT.

All our GRIT instructors have been put through their paces by the world-renowned Les Mills team. They're here to offer three different GRIT sessions catering to your every need:

  • GRIT Plyo
  • GRIT Strength
  • GRIT Cardio

Why join an Inspiring healthy lifestyles leisure centre?

Value for money

With memberships starting at just £25 a month for adults - and much cheaper for young people, students and those eligible for other concessions - you can be assured you're getting a great deal and the support of our fantastic and friendly team.


We've more leisure centres in Wigan and Leigh than anyone else - that's six gyms, and four swimming pools across the borough. Which means chances are there's always a way to workout close to home.

Ready when you are

We've recently extended opening hours at many of our leisure centres to help with your busy life.

Fun getting fit

At Howe Bridge Leisure Centre, we've gone to extreme lengths to make your path to fitness fantastic. Not only do you get the very latest exercise equipment and the best fitness classes for miles around; we've got a skate park, dozens of climbing walls, and even an adventure play zone for your little ones, making sure they start life active.

Leigh Leisure Centre has undergone a massive makeover, including a dedicated indoor cycling studio, and a brand new gym opening March 2016.

Robin Park Leisure Centre and Arena has a dedicated indoor tennis centre recently refurbished to help master your game.

Hindley Leisure Centre's had a fabulous refurbishment.

Ashton Leisure Centre's a great fitness complex featuring a gym, swimming pool and great exercise classes.

And Wigan Life Centre's huge Healthy Living Zone is right in the heart of town and has sensational facilities.

We don't stand still. We've got lots more plans to make getting fit with friends even more fun. We'll keep you updated as to developments on the Inspiring healthy lifestyles Facebook Page

Get active 1000s of ways

Inspiring healthy lifestyles isn't just a gym chain - as well as keeping parks looking beautiful we offer a huge range of health and wellbeing services and activities to help you stay in shape.

Head over to our Active Outdoors page to find out about all the free walks, jogging and running groups happening in the area.

Two of the parks we manage - Haigh Woodland Park and Pennington Flash Country Park - also host Parkrun, a free-for-all 5-kilometre jog (or sprint, if you're speedy) amid beautiful scenery every Saturday morning.

Parkrun at Haigh Woodland Park

Parkrun at Pennington Flash Country Park 

Get sporty

Used to play sport and fancy giving it another shot?

We offer Back to Sport sessions at many of our leisure centres, and at other venues across the borough. These are great experiences if you've played sport in the past or simply fancy giving something different a go.

For more on our Back to Sport activities, check out the website of our Sports Development Unit in Wigan and Leigh.

Best of all - Back to Sport sessions at our leisure centres are included in your membership. See what we mean about value for money?

Contact us

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Success stories

John's story

In 2012 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was morbidly obese, weighing 25 stones.

Although I understood at the time this was a very serious situation, I didn't really do anything about it.

John Parkes in 2012
John Parkes in 2012

I spent the next 12 months or so continuing to drink, eat and behave unhealthily. Then one day I had to visit my GP as I wasn't well at all.

I underwent a medical to assess my condition. What the doctor told me was a huge shock.

He said I was overweight by around 10 stone. My diabetic count was an average of around 12.5 and my cholesterol was hitting an average of 8.5.

My doctor said if I continued as I was, the prognosis was I would not live to see 60.

I was 53 at this point. This was the reality check I needed to make a change.

At the start of 2014 I made a concerted effort to cut down on my food & Drink intake when I started I was as I said 25st plus.

By the end of that year I was still obese. At the start of 2015 I focused on getting fit, and quit alcohol for January.

John Parkes started to change his ways for the better
John Parkes started to change his ways for the better

Then came February. Again, no drink.

March, April and May were largely the same. I did have the odd drink but by this stage my alcohol intake had reduced by at least 90%.

It was then I started changing for good my eating habits.

In June 2015 I took the step of becoming a member at Rugeley Leisure Centre.

I had my induction and at that point my weight was topping 23st, with my diabetes count around 9.6 and cholesterol at 6.5.

My first session was 26 June and since then I've attended the gym at least three time a week following the program that was set up for me on my induction.

In November 2015 I attended my GP for my 6 monthly health check, I had the results a few days later my weight had dropped to 19.5st, my diabetes count was 5.8 and cholesterol reduced to 4.1. My doctor was overjoyed by my progress. “Picture 3”

Today, I can’t remember the last time I ate a fast food burger. Although I do on occasions treat myself to the fish and chips it’s by no means to the extent I once did.

Although the progress I have made is down to my hard work and determination the main input and motivation has come from staff and fellow members at Rugeley Leisure Centre.

The new and improved John Parkes
The new and improved John Parkes

If it was not for Ben, Lisa, Megan and all the other instructors at Rugeley Leisure Centre I would never have come as far as I have.

I'm now aiming to take part in the Rugeley 10k in August. This is something I wouldn't have dreamed about just 12 months ago - but with all the motivation I have received at Rugeley Leisure Centre, I feel I am on track to achieve this.

The pictures you see here give me tremendous pleasure. It gives me and my family great delight seeing this incredible change in me.

I would never have come this far, and or continue to progress with my fitness, if it wasn't for staff and members at Rugeley Leisure Centre and all their encouragement.

Hannah and Alan's story

Hannah Fox and Alan Parker had yo-yo dieted for years.

In Jan 2014 when they were referred to Selby Leisure Centre by their doctor on the GP referral scheme, Alan weighed 25 stones and Hannah, 18 stones 8lbs.

Alan was a month away from a gastric bypass but wanted to try the gym as a last ditch attempt to drop the weight.

Alan and Hannah digged deep to find their inner motivation and since then the couple have trained pretty much seven days a week, for up to two hours a time.

"Starting out at the gym was well out of our comfort zone," said Hannah.

"Luckily we got a warm welcome and lots of help to get our fitness efforts underway. We've been able to build on those solid foundations and the changes in us have been overwhelming."

Alan Parker - what a difference two years make!
Alan Parker - what a difference two years make!

We asked Hannah and Alan how they juggled hectic lives with time dedicated to them working out and transforming their health and bodies.

"We made time," said Alan. "When you want and need to make a change, you find time somehow. We were busy people but it's a case of prioritising what's important. Our health and life together is important."

Hannah and Alan have been able to build habits that will last them a lifetime.

Said Hannah: "We couldn’t have achieved what we did, and kept up the pace, without each other's support and inspiration."

It's not been easy, but having a gym buddy has got them through the ups and downs.

"If one of us is feeling rubbish and having a bad day, the other gives us a hard time - in a good way - to get us both to the gym.

"This has been the key to us shaping up and getting this far."

Staff at Selby Leisure Centre have also played a big role in the couple's fitness achievements.

"We can't thank the gym staff enough. We've had ongoing support and encouragement from Logan, Andy Sim and the team, and this has helped carry us through."

How does it work in practice? Hannah and Alan say they've achieved their incredible results through 80% exercise and 20% portion control. They still do have a cheat meal a week – that is usually a take away - and why not? Everything is better in moderation, and you shouldn't deprive yourself of pleasure to achieve what you want.

In the gym Alan and Hannah use the Vario cross trainers, treadmills and exercise bikes. Recently they also started resistance work.

What's the story so far?

Hannah Fox looks incredible - the rewards of getting fit and staying active
Hannah Fox looks incredible - the rewards of getting fit and staying active.

Alan now weighs 16 stones; his loss of 9 stones represents more than one third of his original body weight.

Hannah weighs 11 stones and 7lbs - that's more than 6 stones lost.

The photos speak for themselves. An extraordinary achievement by Hannah and Alan.