Fitness testing

What is fitness testing?

We can do this two ways. The geeky way, and the simple way.

Let's start simple and then you decide if you want to get into the science.

Fitness testing goes deeper to help your friendly fitness instructors devise the very best exercise training programme for your needs. And to make changes throughout your fitness journey to make sure that you and your programme are the perfect partnership today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your long, healthier and happier life.

We use the latest technology and the expertise of our highly-trained fitness instructors to assess you and your body using scientific techniques tried and tested in the sports and fitness worlds. This allows us - you and your favourite fitness instructor - to better understand your needs, and to monitor your development, your progress and the physiological effects of exercise.

In other words, fitness testing helps you get the best results from your time at the gym.

Now let's get dirty in the detail with precisely what's involved in fitness testing.

Fitness testing takes two different forms - one that forms the foundation for your fitness progress, the second which is much more extensive and gives you a solid platform for reaching peak performance.

  1. Take an hour out your busy schedule for a wellbeing assessment and let one of our experienced coaches give you a health MOT consultation that includes blood pressure testing, body composition analysis and taking body measurements before providing you with detailed feedback and recommendations for lifestyle changes.
  2. If you're starting your fitness journey from scratch, you'll be interested in the lifestyle assessment - our full-on, head to toe health system telling you everything you need to know about where you are today, and how you can make big life changes in the most efficient ways, tomorrow. The lifestyle assessment includes all the benefits of the wellbeing assessment (blood pressure testing, body composition analysis and body measurements) and then goes deeper by analysing your VO2 levels, grip strength, flexibility, peak flow, and sit and reach testing. There's no more thorough way to get clarity on how to transform your life than by starting your journey with a lifestyle assessment.

You can either book single assessments or for maximum benefit, a bundle.

Why do I need fitness testing?

There's a science to fitness. We all lose weight or gain muscle mass at different rates. What we eat has a radically different effect on Susie, to Shirley.

The way we train also needs to be fine-tuned to the bodies we own.

Put simply, we need all the help we can get to make sure that a minute isn't wasted in pursuit of your fitness goals.

That's why we've introduced fitness testing. It's our way of helping you achieve the greatest results in the shortest possible time.

Why assessment 'bundles'? Don't I just need one?

Most people measure their fitness progress by how they look. But fitness is more than skin deep. We know that it's as important to know what's happening inside your body as on the outside and that's why we recommend buying bundles, regular wellbeing assessments and lifestyle assessments to fully understand your progress and the positive changes taking place resulting from your hard work working out, swimming, and taking part in fitness classes.

Not only do you get to understand your body better - it's a tremendous buzz knowing you don't only look fantastic - your vital organs are celebrating inside, too.

Where can I get fitness testing?

Fitness testing is available at all our leisure centres in Wigan and Leigh.

How much does fitness testing cost?
Wellbeing assessment £15 1  
Wellbeing assessment bundle £50 4 £10 
Lifestyle assessment £20 1  
Lifestyle assessment bundle £100 6 £20

How can I get more information about fitness testing?

Pop in to one of the leisure centres offering fitness testing or give us a call on 01942 828508.